10:00 am - 11:00 pm

Meet Our Chef


Mosaic Tapas Lounge & Grille is the proud creation of master chef, Gioacchino Pasqualini. Young Gio was born of the sea. The son of a Sicilian fisherman, Gio grew up around the waters of the Mediterranean, becoming familiar with not only the bounteous varieties of fish, but also with the simple and flavorful preparations best suited for the ocean’s finest harvest.

As a teenager, Gio decided his destiny lay on land. He journeyed to Rome, where he apprenticed under some of the City of Light’s finest chefs. Adventure drew Chef Gio to New York City, where his apprenticeship continued at some of the city’s finest establishments and knowing he would always be drawn to a place close to the sea.

When it came time for Chef Gio to establish his own restaurant, he found Sanibel Island to be the place that evoked the strongest memories of his childhood and his years learning to prepare outstanding culinary offerings. It is here, for the pleasure of our patrons, that Chef Gio has created Mosaic Tapas Lounge & Grille.

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